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  • Hoping for a Healthy 2016

    Here at the American Recall Center, we care about your health. We hope you’ll join us in visiting the following websites for information about how to stay healthy and celebrate life year-round. Read More >>

  • American Heart Month: How Bloggers Celebrate Their Hearts

    We’re celebrating American Heart Month throughout February. The team here at the American Recall Center wants to encourage you to take good care of your heart. It’s the pump that keeps blood flowing throughout your body and is critical for your health and happiness. Heart health depends on many factors. Some of them are genetic,… Read More >>

  • Drive Your Health in 2015

    At The American Recall Center, we are always striving to provide you with the most reliable tools and resources to keep you and your family safe and healthy. As we look forward to 2015, we want to help you take better, more informed care of your health. To kick off the new year right, we’ve surveyed trusted physicians and readers about their personal health goals for 2015. Read More >>

  • My Morcellation Nightmare: A Personal Tale of Power Morcellation and Hysterectomy

    During the summer of 2010 I began having irregular menstrual periods. I had skipped periods a few times in the past, so I wasn’t too concerned and knew there was no chance of pregnancy. However, this time was different in that I skipped three in a row. Then in October I began spotting very lightly every day. I knew my regular annual gynecological exam was schedule for mid-November, so I decided to wait until my appointment to address the problem. Read More >>

  • Who Keeps You Healthy? Introducing March’s Health Heroes!

    Our first Community Causes Campaign has come to an end. The Who Keeps you Healthy campaign was a huge success! Thank you to all who participated. The campaign, which ran for the month of March, asked bloggers to write an article about someone in their life that keeps them motivated to stay healthy, their ‘Health… Read More >>