Patient Safety Alerts

At The American Recall Center, patient safety is the top priority. With our groundbreaking new alert system, you can receive real-time recall and safety alerts in simple, straightforward language, by the category of prescription drug or medical device that affects you.

Signing up is simple. Just enter your name, email address, and check the categories that cover the types of medications and medical devices you want to follow. For example, if you have been prescribed Invokana, or any type of diabetes prescription, you would select the ‘Diabetes Management’ category. If you received a hip implant, choose ‘Joint Replacement & Orthopedic Devices’. Once a recall or safety alert is released, you will be instantly notified in terms that make it easy to have the information you need.

Tip: Hover your mouse over each category for examples of prescriptions and devices included. (* required field)

Patient Safety Alerts

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