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Protect Your Health with Recall Information & Medical Resources

Recall Center provides you with comprehensive health resources. Find out about dangerous medical conditions and potential side effects related to prescription drugs, medical devices and products.

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We help consumers find information they need about compensation for dangerous drugs and defective medical devices. Our indispensable website offers vital updates about important recalls, as well as free reviews of individual cases. You may be eligible for financial compensation for lost income, emotional anguish and health care costs.


Learn about popular prescription drugs that may be endangering the well-being of your loved ones.

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Medical Devices

Find out which FDA-approved medical devices could potentially put you or a loved one’s health at risk.

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Consumer Protection

Recall Center is your comprehensive resource for medical-device updates, FDA alerts and consumer news.

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Dangerous Drugs

We’ll help you understand your options as a consumer if you are prescribed potentially dangerous drugs or purchase defective products.

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Defective Medical Devices

Medical devices are meant to improve your quality of your life. Learn what you can do if you receive a faulty device.

Consumer Protection

Problems with defective drugs and dangerous consumer products surface after they are bought by unwitting consumers. Get informed about everything from flawed airbags to faulty cell phones before your next purchase.

Informative Resources Made For You

Visual Safety Resource

Senior Safety Guide

Falling is the most common cause of injury-related deaths in those 65 and older and leads to the majority of their lifetime injury costs.

Senior Safety Guide
Visual Safety Resource

Life With Diabetes

Diabetes affects nearly 30 million people in the United States, or roughly 8 percent of the entire population.

Life With Diabetes

Personal Stories

Understand how patients hurt by defective drugs and medical devices are coping with devastating side effects or medical device failures on a daily basis.

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