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Who Keeps You Healthy? Introducing March’s Health Heroes!

Staff Writer

Last updated: November 9, 2016 7:24 pm

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Our first Community Causes Campaign has come to an end. The Who Keeps you Healthy campaign was a huge success! Thank you to all who participated.

The campaign, which ran for the month of March, asked bloggers to write an article about someone in their life that keeps them motivated to stay healthy, their ‘Health Hero’. Whether it was a gym buddy, a child, or even their dog that required daily walks, we wanted people to take the time to thank that person (or animal!) for the motivation.

With the most recent contributor to our community section sharing about her faulty hip replacement, we wanted to place a focus on hip replacement awareness for this campaign, and we’re delighted that so many bloggers were able to help us with that mission.

Below are all the ‘Health Heroes’ from the March campaign, along with a spotlight of a few of our favorite entries!

Standout Submissions




Gabby’s health heroes are her daughters! She says, “You can tell your children all the right things, at all the right times but if you’re not modeling that behavior, it won’t ever stick. You can’t just talk the talk. You have to walk the walk.”



Natalies parents give her the motivation to stay healthy! Natalie says, “They have been pillars of health my entire life and are a constant source of motivation for me. Its hard to feel good about being a couch potato when your 57 year old father and 55 year old mother are doing triathlons every weekend.”



Magen credits herself as her own health hero. She says that her personal weight loss journey (90 lbs!) has helped her to gain so much. Her husband is another health hero who pushes her every day to stay motivated. Magen says that her husband’s diagnosis of diabetes was a blessing in disguise, as they both work hard to stay healthy together.



Meri says, “Never have I been more focused on my health than I have since bringing my twins into the world last fall.”  Her boy/girl twins are her motivation and her health heroes. Meri says that having kids is the easiest motivation she’s found, “Having kids is the easiest motivation I have found yet to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. When you wake up to two doe-eyed, curious, and newly-mobilized little humans each morning, you aspire to be nothing short of SuperMom for them”